10 Players the Nets may replace Ben Simmons with by the trade deadline

Brooklyn Nets, Ben Simmons. Mandatory Credit: Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports
Brooklyn Nets, Ben Simmons. Mandatory Credit: Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports /
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Brooklyn Nets, Jerami Grant. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /

9. Jerami Grant

The Blazers re-signed Grant to a massive five-year $160 million contract before Damian Lillard requested a trade. The 29-year-old cannot be dealt until Dec. 15, but Portland could look to send him to a contender before the deadline in hopes of adding draft capital for their rebuild.

The Trail Blazers are at least three years away from contending. Does Grant want to be the leader of a retooling squad? There will be plenty of interest in a 6’8 forward who can defend multiple positions, space the floor, and drop 20 points each night if necessary. Did Portland overpay him this summer? Maybe, but his deal won’t look like an albatross if cap figures continue to rise.

The Brooklyn Nets could go all-in on long wings by trading Ben Simmons for Jerami Grant. They have the deepest group of switchable defenders in the league, but Grant offers a versatile offensive game too. Every wing on their roster could defend multiple spots and knock down jumpers. With Spencer Dinwiddie facilitating, the Nets could quickly become a matchup problem for most teams.

Jerami Grant is not an All-Star, but he would help the Brooklyn Nets. Portland is just starting a rebuild and may be willing to take on Ben Simmons’ contract if incentivized with draft capital. This deal could help the Nets make a playoff push in 2024 and beyond.