Ranking the 4 Nets head coaches of the Sean Marks era

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1. Kenny Atkinson

Without question, Kenny Atkinson has been the best coach of the Sean Marks era in Brooklyn, and it's really not even close.

Upon his signing with the team back during the 2016 offseason, the belief was that his track record of developing young talents -- played a major role in developing Jeremy Lin during the "Linsanity" era with the Knicks and helped turn Jeff Teague into an All-Star while with the Hawks in 2014-15 -- could be of great use to this hapless Nets team that not only had no true identity but, more importantly, had none of their own draft picks (thanks, Billy King!).

Within just a few years, it was evident that these talents were being put on full display what with the likes of Lin seeing one of the best seasons of his career before getting injured in 2016-17 and, of course, the development of the, then, recent "draft bust" D'Angelo Russell, turning him into a legitimate All-Star in 2018-19 and, eventually, the main outbound piece in the Kevin Durant sign-and-trade blockbuster that following offseason.

His efforts of turning the Nets from a bottomless pit of disappear to both a playoff team and a destination for superstars to flock to is something that needs to be highlighted when talking about Atkinson's tenure with the team. Frankly, these inarguably outweigh his lowly overall regular season record of 118-190 (.383).

Without him, who knows what the franchise would have turned into.