Should the Nets go after Alex Caruso?

The Bulls should be looking to get some return for Alex Caruso, but does it make sense for the Nets?
Dec 20, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso (6) brings the ball up court
Dec 20, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso (6) brings the ball up court / Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
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A few weeks ago, I put out a post about 4 win-now trade targets the Nets should go after, and Alex Caruso was one of my targets. He's playing great ball this season, both off the bench and starting for the Bulls. Since then, however, things have changed and the Nets have dropped a bit in the eastern conference standings.

Caruso's expiring contract will be a hot commodity around the league as the trade deadline approaches. However, there are a few hurdles the Nets will have to overcome or live with if a potential deal is completed with Chicago.

Caruso's expiring contract

Caruso's fit on the Nets would be nothing short of perfect. He would easily be the best defending guard on the team, and his 46.8% three-point shooting would be a vital asset to the club, but there's one bigger problem.

Are the Nets really in a position to go all-in for the playoffs? Sure, if the Nets still had their big 3 intact, this move would be an absolute no-brainer. But right now, the Nets are sitting one game under .500 with the 9th seed in the east with no true star player under their fold.

Because of this factor, unless they think they can re-sign Caruso in the offseason, trading for Caruso would seem like a trade that was made just to make a trade. It's not massive enough to make a tangible impact this season based on the Nets competition in the conference, but it would still help them. I would just consider it a meh deal at this point.

I know I was clamoring for the move a few weeks ago, and it seems hypocritical that I've changed my tune on the potential move, but keep in mind that I stressed that trading for someone like Caruso would be a "win-now move" and with the way they're playing right now, the Nets aren't in a win-now position.

On the other hand, if they trade for Caruso now and fortunes shift for the Nets with plenty of season left, it would be looked at as a great move. But, if the Nets are still in the same position they are in now at the trade deadline, it wouldn't make sense to trade for Caruso.

If he had one or two more years left on his deal, I would say absolutely, make the deal yesterday. But if I were Sean Marks, I would be apprehensive about giving up assets for a rental when you aren't in a position to compete for even a spot in the second round of the playoffs.

So that's where the Nets stand - but how about the Bulls?