NY Post this morning, Deron Will..."/> NY Post this morning, Deron Will..."/>

Injury Report: Williams, Gaines


As reported in the NY Post this morning, Deron Williams will sit again today as the Nets face the Atlanta Hawks. It’s not clear when Williams will return to the lineup. One possibility is that he’d join the lineup for Wednesday’s matchup against the Knicks in Madison Square Garden (ESPN).

This from the NY Post Article:

"“He’s a competitor and he likes to play, so you don’t want to take something from somebody if they feel they can go and play,” King said. “We figured, take it cautiously and see how it goes. I didn’t want to say, ‘He’s out for the season,’ and all of a sudden he comes back.”"

In other news, Sundiata Gaines suffered a particularly unpleasant injury in a game against Cleveland. The injury resulted in a fractured right hip for Gaines, who will be on crutches for six to eight weeks. This injury came just days after Gaines had signed a extension with the Nets through this year and next year.

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