It’s a red hot summer in Brooklyn for Sean Marks and the Nets

BROOKLYN, NY - JUNE 26: D'Angelo Russell
BROOKLYN, NY - JUNE 26: D'Angelo Russell /

Sean Marks is making it hotter than normal in Brooklyn this year. Currently the general manager has made move after move for the Nets. But how can all this heat play out?

Its late July and that usually means blazing hot temperatures around the northeast. However, the temperature is not the only thing that’s been scorching. Marks’ second offseason for the Brooklyn Nets has also been blazing hot. This has been the summer that shapes the future for Brooklyn.

After his rookie GM season in 2016, and a dismal 2017 campaign that saw the Nets lose a league-worst 62 games, the amazing Sean Marks, like a magician at a children’s party, kept pulling rabbit after rabbit from his top hat.

He’s pulled an up and coming guard with loads of potential in D’Angelo Russell, along with him, got his team a rebounding and rim protecting center named Timofey Mozgov. Mozgov, by the way, was on his way to having an astounding rookie season playing for Mike D’Antoni. Guess who was an assistant on D’Antoni’s staff back then? That’s right you guessed it, current Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson.

Many fans and NBA pundits are down on the Mozgov acquisition, seeing it only as a “salary dump”. They are however,  ignoring his talents. Brooklyn can rejuvenate Mozgov.  Now, I’m not saying he’s going to be the next Dikembe Mutumbo, but he’s going to be serviceable. He will be more than a salary dump.

More recently, Marks fleeced the Toronto Raptors out of another talented former player of coach Kenny; Demarre Carroll. Carroll had made his name and earned his pay in the Atlanta system in which Atkinson was also an assistant. Let’s not forget about the two shiny new 2018 draft picks. Now the first round is lottery protected, but it doesn’t matter where they pick when you trust your GM as much as Nets fans are trusting Marks. Who did they gave up? Justin Hamilton. Now, no disrespect to Justin, as anytime you play professionally anywhere is an accomplishment. However the package Marks got for him is unheard of for some one of Hamilton’s stature.

And finally, the nets got their man. A little over 380 days ago, Marks made Allen Crabbe an offer he couldn’t refuse. Marks made him a very highly paid sixth man, just not for his team.  After Portland matched the RFA contract, he went on to play this past season there. A former second round pick, Crabbe turned heads with his knockdown, sniper-like shooting. The price for him? Andrew Nicholson. Portland waived Nicholson. So the Nets basically got the guy they wanted for free.

Next: Timofey Mozgov might be the best asset the Nets have.

Marks is on fire in July, and he’s giving Nets’ fans hope. What was once an empty cabinet with cobwebs and broken china, Marks cleaned the roster and restored with fresh plates and glasses. One day, he will be able to take the china out and have a party. Right now however; he’s just gonna keep stacking the fine china.

Its a red hot summer in Brooklyn this year.