Brooklyn Nets: the rise of Sean Kilpatrick

BROOKLYN, NY - MARCH 12: Sean Kilpatrick
BROOKLYN, NY - MARCH 12: Sean Kilpatrick /

You would think that a basketball talent who put up 28.4 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists per game over his four-year career at White Plains Senior High School would get a lot of attention. He did. You would also believe that a talented basketball player, who played four years at a big east and ACC college, who logged a total of 4315 minutes played and  made an astonishing 707 field goals out of the1687 he took, would get some recognition. He did not.

There are many athletes who are content with their own individual situation. Athletes may feel that by playing in college at a big school and conference that they have made it. Some will take a shot with the draft; most will not.

However, if you were a 2-time Second-team All-Big East in 2012 and 2013 selection with a four year Field goal percentage of  .419 And a three point percentage of .347, you probably would think there’s a market for you on some team in the pros.

You are wrong.

Or at least there wasn’t for Sean Kilpatrick.  The question has to be asked; but why not? After all I’m sure they’re were some players who were selected that didn’t pan out or players who were a flashy name with a rotten attitude.  When numbers are put side by side, the former Bearcat played less minutes than 2 lottery picks by the names of Marcus Smart and Nik Stauskas.

Along with this are the staggering numbers of three point percentages, field goal percentages and total points; SK had a four year point total of 2,145, field goal % of .419 and a three point field goal % of .347. 4,315 total minutes played. In four years.

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The number 6 pick, Marcus Smart had a three year point total of 1,916 with a .358 field goal % and a .291 three point FG%. Played 5,874 minutes in three years.

The eight pick, Nik Stauskas had 1,692 total points to go along with a .343 three point % and a field goal % of .386. Total minutes? 5,124.

So I ask again, why wasn’t he selected? His numbers against two lottery picks are just as good, even if they both would had stayed in school one more year he did it in less minutes played.  Skillpatrick has long been an underdog. From his days playing at Cottage Place Gardens project basketball courts. He was alone often as his parents had to work, so he had to learn from an early age what was right and what’s was wrong.

At Notre Dame Prep he shared the room that Michael Beasley had. Even though he had to red shirt his freshmen year at Cincy due to a very crowded back court that included Lance Stephenson, he’s a competitor and accepted the challenge.

Every practice in his first year he treated like his last. Brought his game to another level. His heart took over; his passion to want to be great. He had a few stints in the developmental league and lived out of his suitcase.

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Never getting the shot he knew he deserved, the shot that he needed. Every time he would get called up it was just as a roster filler, just another body on the bench. However, what those teams didn’t see was the passion and fire to compete that Kilpatrick has in his heart. The drive to want to be great.

The Nets took a chance on the kid from Yonkers and now it’s about to pay off big time. With two seasons under his belt in the pros and working with the guard whisperer Coach Atkinson both seasons and off seasons skillpatrick is about to blow up. With the mindset that he has nothing is impossible, with the hard work and determination to compete everyday he will be great.  His Knowledge of what being in and out of the league is what will continue to drive him forward.

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He is going to remind everyone exactly what is they passed on three years ago. He is going to remind every one that yes he was I drafted, however it’s not where you start, rather where you finish that counts. His relentelsss pursuit of greatness will be achieved.

The kid from Yonkers, New York knows what this city wants. Only now he’s going to do it for the best borough the city has. For the best team it has.