3 Reasons why Kenny Atkinson should be the coach of the Brooklyn Nets next season

Joe Harris Brooklyn Nets(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Joe Harris Brooklyn Nets(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /
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Despite an up-and-down 2019/20 NBA campaign, Kenny Atkinson should still be the coach of the Brooklyn Nets entering next season. Here are three reasons why that is.

It’s often stated that this season has been, well, underwhelming for the Brooklyn Nets. And yeah, it’s hard to refute such a statement. But I’ll try anyway. Because in a sense, what Kenny Atkinson has done with the personnel provided isn’t sub-standard, it’s actually been pretty remarkable.

Kyrie Irving has played all of 20 games; Caris LeVert missed 25 games; David Nwaba, the team’s sparkplug, went down with a ruptured right Achilles tendon back on December 19; and the rotation has been altered—either moderately or drastically—an ungodly amount of times.

But here we are in the opening week of March and the Nets are still in possession of the seventh seed, despite a season marred by untimely injuries and missed opportunities.

You might not want to hear it but there’s something to be said about how this team has refused to roll over and die. They’re also the beneficiaries of a weak conference, it looks like 36 wins could secure the eight seed, but hey, it hasn’t been all terrible—all things considering.

Though there isn’t one clear-cut reason behind the Nets’ perseverance, one can safely assume that their head coach has done an okay job of captaining the ship through obstreperous waters.

In fact, though a cult community of naysayers has spawned in the past months calling for his head on a spike, let’s key in on three reasons why Atkinson is the right man for the job now and moving forward.