3 Destinations for ex-Brooklyn Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson

Kenny Atkinson Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
Kenny Atkinson Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /
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Kenny Atkinson Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images) /

With Kenny Atkinson officially out as the coach of the Brooklyn Nets, where should he go next?

In the NBA, anything can happen on any given night, but every now and then the arbitrary nature of the league really shocks you. I thought Kenny Atkinson still had time with the Brooklyn Nets—it turns out I couldn’t have been any wronger in that belief.

So now the question is: where should he go from here? He’s more than proven his capabilities as a coach that can steer you away from the looming storm clouds into the light. One could even make the legitimate argument that he is the best available coach right now on the market.

What would be equally, if not more shocking than his departure from the Nets is if he’s left to rot on the open market with multiple organizations in desperate need of direction. He was crucial in the Nets’ development from laughing stock of the NBA, in the aftermath of Billy King’s ineptitude, to a centerpiece in a cultural movement that resulted in the team’s biggest offseason in history.

His offensive schemes generate quality looks and he was instrumental in turning around the Nets’ horrific defense in the early moments of the season into one of the NBA’s best.

So, currently, without a place to call home, let’s look at three teams that should look to obtain Kenny Atkinson’s services. A quick disclaimer before I get into the three destinations: these are in no particular order.