Nets: Jamal Crawford’s Latest Motivational Quote is Unfortunately Weird Nonsense

Jamal Crawford #11 of the Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Jamal Crawford #11 of the Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Brooklyn Nets signee Jamal Crawford tried to justify his age, but nah.

The Brooklyn Nets chose to sign Jamal Crawford this past week. Interesting!

Though J Crossover deserved a shot as much as Carmelo Anthony did in 2019-20, considering he left the league on a 50-burger, there was also a fairly legitimate series of reasons why the NBA nearly passed him by this time around.

For one thing, he’s not exactly an elite shooter anymore: he’s shot just above 33% for the past two seasons, which looks worse these days as efficient shooting has become an emphasis from deep. Also, the man happens to be 40 years old.

Don’t tell that to Crawford, though! Age ain’t nothing but a number! A number that indicates how old you are.

That’s nice! But no, using mathematics, you did in fact turn 40 years old. When you add two smaller numbers together, you get a larger number. I’m so sorry.

Also, Bleacher Report, he explicitly does age. What?

With all due respect to Crawford, he is what he is at this point: an aging trick-shot artist who can give any team a jolt, but probably wouldn’t have been signed if not for these extenuating circumstances in Brooklyn.

But let’s call it like it is. Entering the bubble, Crawford is a 40-year-old man looking to throw some dazzling late-career highlights into his Hall of Fame (???) case. He’s certainly aging, and his deficiencies have been further exposed as the calendar’s turned.

Crawford rules, for what he is! It’s not a knock on Crawford to admit that he’s 40.

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There are other veterans and kids on the Nets who’ll matter more than Crawford moving forward. For better or worse, he’s a bit of a sideshow these days.

We respect him for what he’s been, but the man himself can’t “motivational quote” away his genuine age.