Nets: The Checkmate to Brooklyn


One year ago, the Nets finally delivered on their master plan.

About one year ago, the Brooklyn Nets made one of the biggest moves in the decade.  They acquired Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Later, they acquired DeAndre Jordan to complete the set.  It almost felt as if it was unreal when many fans had got the notification about these players coming to Brooklyn.  However, we need to consider one of the ultimate checkmate moves that allowed the Nets to acquire these good players, which was made in 2012. Can you guess what it was?! It was the move to Brooklyn.

As funny and ridiculous as it sounds, moving to Brooklyn at the Barclays Center was one of the best moves the Nets franchise could have put in place, and today we explain its significance and its impact on the team today.

To understand the significance of the move to Brooklyn, I want to personalize it first. Imagine you were or are in high school. It is your senior year and you are look for colleges to go to. You are evaluating what colleges will best fit your future. You are looking for that college with a good degree program of your choice, or that great social life around athletics. The college is trying to  lure you in by displaying new innovative spaces that you can take advantage of during your first year of enrollment.  From these innovative spaces, you can create more experiences and opportunities during your time period, and have a chance to do things beyond the original intent. This same concept applies to the Brooklyn Nets.

In 2010, Brooklyn legend Jay-Z announced that the Brooklyn Nets were moving to the center of  downtown Brooklyn.  During that time, the New Jersey Nets roster was probably one of the worse in the NBA. To improve the roster , the New Jersey Nets needed to move to Brooklyn, one of the meccas of NYC, to attract new players like Durant, Irving, and Jordan.  This move called for a rebranding of the team, but it put it us in today’s conversation as a championship contending team. In addition, these players can invest in other things like small start-ups or even solidify those endorsements they were looking for. Hey, if it increases our chances to bring a championship to New York, let’s make another move. These are some excellent times for the Nets organization.

Listen, I am not saying Brooklyn is going to win the championship next year, but they’ve got a better chance of bringing better players being on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn than Lafayette Street at the Prudential Center. Our market is much more attractive and the organization can create more revenue for their players.  It was good to be in Newark, but it is even greater to be in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn…. Stand Up…. WE GO HARD!