Kyrie Irving: Media Proven to Treat Nets Star Unfairly With Weak Coverage on WNBA Donation

Nets point guard Kyrie Irving (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Nets point guard Kyrie Irving (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

The media proved yet again that it treats Nets PG Kyrie Irving unfairly.

Remember the polarizing debate about whether Kyrie Irving is actually deserving of as much criticism he receives, or if the media goes out of its way to slander him at every opportunity possible? Well, we’re bringing it back.

On Monday, it was reported that Irving committed $1.5 million (!) to help support the income of WNBA players who choose to sit out the 2020 season due to health and other personal reasons amid the global pandemic and ongoing civil unrest.

To call this an incredible gesture from the Brooklyn Nets point guard would be a gargantuan understatement, and it didn’t receive nearly as much publicity as it warranted.

Sure, the reports blew up on social media, but did you catch it being the lead topic on sports talk shows? In most circumstances, it was thrown in as an extra piece of news that preceded a commercial break.

It certainly doesn’t feel great to say, but this all proves that we were right all along in thinking that Irving is not only targeted by the media, but also doesn’t receive the credit he deserves when it’s justified. Seriously, what more does the six-time All-Star need to do?

And no, we aren’t saying that all charitable acts are created equal. They should be expected from multi-million dollar athletes.

However, the sheer discrepancy in coverage concerning donations from fellow NBA studs like LeBron James, Steph Curry and even Kevin Durant — who’s already been forgiven for joining the Golden State Warriors to chase rings just months after they came back from a 3-1 series deficit to defeat his Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2016 Western Conference Finals — is simply ridiculous and entirely unfair.

Are we really going to hold it against Irving that he calls out his teammates every once in a while  and that front offices need to consider his personality when hiring a head coach? He’s a little different. Why does that bother people so much?

We get that his tenure with the Boston Celtics will go down as a blemish on his resume, and rightfully so, but don’t all professional athletes have one point in their respective careers that they regret? Let’s start holding Kyrie to the same standards of other superstars. We’re talking about a guy that’s been a prominent voice in the call for social justice and one of the few NBA players that’s actually acted on their indignation with the lack of benefits WNBA player receive.

Put some respect on his freaking name for once.

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