NBA Draft prospect targeted by Warriors picks Kyrie Irving over Steph Curry

Georgia’s Anthony Edwards could get drafted by the Warriors but he didn’t hold back here on Kyrie Irving vs. Steph!

The Golden State Warriors tripped and fell into having the highest odds for the NBA Draft Lottery, which means they could get their hands on top prospect Anthony Edwards out of Georgia with their No. 2 pick. But perhaps they’d better think twice.

And not because of the other intriguing studs out there — like James Wiseman, LaMelo Ball and Obi Toppin — but because Edwards spoke with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks and decided to say something very controversial (especially if you’re a Warriors fan).

The former Bulldog put Kyrie Irving in his current NBA starting five over … Steph Curry! Oh no!

But he did pick Klay! That’ll slide, right Dubs fans?

As for Brooklyn Nets fans, they gotta love Edwards after he picked Irving and Kevin Durant. KD was a no-brainer if we’re being honest, and if we’re being really honest, his pick of Irving rightfully has fans up in arms.

Irving is a great player and hit one of the most clutch shots in NBA history when he drilled that 3-pointer over Curry in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, which lifted the Cleveland Cavaliers to a dramatic (and their first-ever) championship over the historic 73-9 Warriors. However, Curry is already the greatest shooter of all time and has three times the amount of rings.

We’re not sitting here railing against his preference, we’re just stating facts, and we know how defensive NBA Twitter gets when somebody makes the “wrong” pick or has the unpopular take.

Then again, Kyrie’s handles and iso play could very well get the nod over Curry if we were to survey a large group of NBA fans. As for defense? We’ll call that a wash.

Too bad there’s no shot he goes to the Nets because it seems like he’d fit right in next to Brooklyn’s two superstars.