Nets: Kevin Durant torches Knicks while explaining decision on JJ Redick’s podcast

Kevin Durant eviscerated everything the Knicks think they are while discussing his Nets decision.

Nets star Kevin Durant’s final season before his free agency was marred by poor predictions, baseless speculation, and, most prominently, wishful thinking from the other borough.

KD and NYC seemed like a match made in heaven, what with his numerous business interests, higher-level tech proclivities, and superstar attitude. But after watching Durant operate in the Bay Area and Oklahoma City as the silent Slim Reaper all those years, why did anyone think he’d opt for a really big show as opposed to the businesslike parts of the game?

Did Durant really want to be an entire suffering fanbase’s savior, with far-too-high expectations attached to his every whim? Especially while coming off a catastrophic injury?

In short: Nope. Durant explained everything on JJ Redick’s podcast on Thursday, delving into why the Brooklyn Nets appealed to him so much, as well as dousing every Knicks fan’s preconceived notions about why anyone would choose New York with a hefty dose of cold water.

This guy gets it. Though the hoopla is going to come to Brooklyn once Durant, Kyrie Irving and Steve Nash are playing marquee matchups nightly, the Nets don’t manufacture the hype. Black and white, like KD said. Come to work, play basketball, take your suit off, and go home.

Durant knows exactly why everyone pegged him as a Knick, though: Because every free agent is a Knick these days, until they’re officially not.

But the Nets centerpiece wants everyone to know, once and for all, that that was never part of his plan.

It’s Sept. 2020, the Knicks still need a savior, Giannis Antetokounmpo isn’t walking through that door, and Kevin Durant is walking into Brooklyn’s practice facility.

The next free agent who gets wooed by the NYC storyline should take Durant’s words to heart here. Do you want to be a savior? Or do you want to work?