Kevin Durant: Nets star owns UFC’s Colby Covington for calling out LeBron James

Kevin Durant made fun of Colby Covington on Instagram and it was great.

LeBron James has been a leading voice in speaking out against social injustice and racism and, along with his fellow players, has influenced the NBA to promote awareness for these two issues that permeate everyday life, regardless of what part of the world you’re in.

Apparently, James’ efforts don’t sit well with MMA fighter Colby Covington, who has gone out of his way to let the world know he’s a Donald Trump supporter ever since making it big in UFC. After defeating Tyron Woodley in their bout on Saturday, Covington shouted out all of the nation’s first responders and denounced “woke athletes” and “spineless cowards” like James.

Woah, guy. Take a chill pill.

You think that was going to slide with the rest of James’ peers? Not at all. Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant led the charge in calling out Covington on Instagram in the comments section below a post detailing his post-fight quote.

“Who’s this again?” Classic KD burying a hater on social media. We’ve seen in many times in the past, and we’ll see it a lot during his tenure with the Nets. Enjoy!

Nobody’s sure why Covington is enraged with LeBron and the NBA. All they’ve done is attempt to promote awareness and were the sports league that far and away handled the COVID-19 pandemic best, establishing a bubble in Orlando to keep fans entertained and not have the season lost or seriously compromised.

But it seems Covington wants some cross-sport action even though nobody cares about what he’s saying.

Now he’s talking about beating up LeBron for whatever reason? He couldn’t be more lost. But this is so often the rhetoric from people who have no idea what they’re saying.

We’re glad KD knows what he’s saying though, and we hope to see some more zingers from the Nets star if this laughable back and forth between Covington and the wall in his home continues.