Nets: Kevin Durant sounds very ready for revenge against Knicks media

Nets star Kevin Durant’s latest shot at Knicks fans and the local media prove that he’s ready for revenge.

It’s utterly hilarious to think that some New York Knicks fans were convinced that they would not only win the lottery — which has worked against them for several years — and draft consensus top pick Zion Williamson, but also sign Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in free agency last offseason.

In truly laughable fashion, the two latter players inked max deals with Brooklyn. While both caught a ton of flak for not embracing the challenge of putting the Knicks back on the national map, it goes without saying that Durant came under the most scrutiny.

Since then, Durant has taken countless shots at the Knicks organization in the wake of his decision to join forces with Irving on the Nets. However, his beef with them dates dates back to during the 2018-19 season when he was still a member of Golden State, and his latest comments about free agency prove that he’s ready for revenge.

“What you mean? They bothered me for a whole year! I was just trying to chill and just play and worry about my season,” Durant said last week on the Joe Budden podcast. “All the Knick fans, those Knicks media. They bothered me the whole year. But when it’s my time to talk about it, I gotta shut up now?? I’ve been wanting to ask these questions for a year. Now that I’m available, it’s a problem?”

Trading Kristaps Porzingis to Dallas provided the Knicks with the necessary cap space to sign two players to max contracts last summer. The subsequent conventional understanding was that Durant, presumably with another superstar, would jump at the opportunity to bolster their legacy by making the Knicks, who are currently a laughingstock, a relevant franchise again.

Of course, that never came close to coming to fruition, and Durant has evidently kept the receipts of fans and the media jumping to preposterous conclusions. The 31-year-old superstar never once hinted that he wanted to shoulder the burden of reviving the Knicks, and is rightfully flaming them for badgering him before he even hit free agency last summer.

You could argue that Durant would be better off not wasting breath talking about the Knicks, but that simply isn’t who he is — or who the Nets are. As evidenced by his engaging social media interactions with fans who insist on slandering him, the two-time Finals MVP lives to defend his brand.

The bottom line is that we’re going to need Durant to make more podcast cameos moving forward, because his unfiltered tendency to come at the neck of everybody who’s maligned him in recent years has been a sight to behold, and it’ll be even more fun when he’s back on the court.

You have to think this is going to result in KD playing angry and with something to prove next season, and that should terrify the rest of the NBA.