Nets: NBA Twitter’s latest attack on KD proves he’s the new LeBron

Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets speaks (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)
Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets speaks (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images) /

The latest attack from NBA Twitter on Nets star Kevin Durant proves that he’s the new LeBron James.

It goes without saying that one of Nets star Kevin Durant’s biggest goals as an NBA player, other than winning as many championships as possible, is ultimately supplanting LeBron James as the consensus best player in the world.

James haters will assert that the Brooklyn Nets star had already taken that mantle, but objective fans would admit that he never came closer than during the 2019 Finals, when he was a one-man show on a decimated Warriors team against Toronto while clearly playing injured.

In truly devastating fashion, however, Durant went down with a torn Achilles and left Golden State a few months later in free agency. James, meanwhile, capped another marvelous season — in which he averaged 25.3 points, 7.8 rebounds and a league-leading 10.2 assists per game on 49.3% shooting — by leading the Lakers to a championship.

With that in mind, you might think that Durant has a ways to go in order to catch James’ shadow, right? Well, think again. The 10-time All-Star getting ripped apart by NBA Twitter for his gaping bald spot proves that he’s already the new LeBron.

Can somebody please let Durant know that quarantine is over and barber shops are open for business? I think we just learned why the four-time scoring champ has opted against growing his hair out for the duration of his career so far.

As expected, Twitter had its way with Durant after coming across this shocking photo, which he probably didn’t want posted in the first place.

The Nets forward clearly isn’t aware of how one goes about the process of growing dreads, because bald spots are no doubt a dealbreaker, according to Twitter.

It might be difficult for Durant to accept this, but it looks like his days of being able to flaunt a full head of hair are well behind him.

The sooner he comes to term with this, the better.

Up next on the Durant attack tour was easily the best of the bunch. To avoid spoiling the reveal, just try to picture what him and James would look if they completely shaved their heads. That’s right, Nets fans, we’re talking Vince Carter and Jason Kidd bald.

That would take some getting used to.

Despite not hesitating to clap back at social media trolls in recent weeks (years?), Durant unfortunately hasn’t gone scorched earth in the wake of this glaring photo making the rounds on Twitter. For the sake of offseason content, let’s hope he’s waiting for the right opportunity to strike.