Nets: Landry Shamet’s celebratory video for BK will get fans pumped

The Nets newest acquisition, Landry Shamet, has recorded a celebratory video that will get fans pumped.

The Brooklyn Nets had a draft night unlike any other NBA franchise’s on Wednesday, in that they didn’t come away with a single selection higher than pick No. 57 thanks to some last-minute maneuvering.

The “veteran” they came away with instead is hardly over the hill, though, with third-year pro Landry Shamet headed to Brooklyn in exchange for the 19th pick after splitting his first two seasons between Philadelphia and Los Angeles (Clippers).

Shamet dominated from deep in his first season split between the two locales, shooting at a remarkable 45% clip in LA before turning in a somewhat muted sophomore season. Now, he’ll escape Ty Lue’s incoming system and get a chance to operate effectively off the ball in BK, something he’s clearly excited about based on his Twitter reaction to the trade being consummated.

“Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of,” alright, assuming your dream involves randomly being plopped onto an instant contender with the likes of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Therein lies the rub, though — might this addition be short-lived? We’d hate to hear a record scratch in the middle of Shamet’s video, but something tells us he might swiftly find himself wrapped up in the James Harden trade winds. After all, the Nets aren’t exactly acting like a normal basketball franchise — they’re seemingly absorbed by star power these days instead of pursuing puzzle pieces.

Plus, there’s a guard glut that’s arisen over the past few days.

Shamet could be a real asset for the Nets, and he’s also proud to be in the borough already after a bit of a backslide in Year 2.

But could his Nets career end up looking like Mike Piazza’s Marlins tenure? We sure hope Piazza never shot any celebratory “Mr. 305” videos during his one week in Miami.