Nets fans should be laughing at Knicks after Patrick Ewing’s latest rant

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 11: Head coach Patrick Ewing of the Georgetown Hoyas(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 11: Head coach Patrick Ewing of the Georgetown Hoyas(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

Even though the New York Knicks are rock solid this season, the Brooklyn Nets are above them in the standings thanks to their trio of star players. The Knicks are playing well, but once again, their specific brand of incompetence is making headlines. This time they riled up Hall of Fame center Patrick Ewing.

Ewing, who became the head coach at Georgetown after getting passed over for several NBA openings, had a magical day in which his Hoyas knocked off No. 14 Villanova in the Big East tournament at Madison Square Garden ruined thanks to James Dolan’s famous security team.

Ewing claimed that after the win, members of MSG security stopped him, apparently unaware who he was. Patrick Ewing! In Madison Square Garden!

The Knicks legend claimed that he needs to call up Dolan in order to make sure this never happens again. The fact that it even happened one to someone of Ewing’s literal and metaphorical stature in that building is a shame.

The Knicks might claim to be “New York’s team,” but they’re still a joke.

Dolan and the security at the Garden have frequently been called into question, as even Knicks super fan Spike Lee can’t avoid getting into a confrontation with the venue’s employees. If Spike and Pat aren’t safe from the ire of the mysterious “Kevin” and the rest of Dolan’s minions, no one is. Classic Knicks.

This is likely a case of either mistaken identity or a security guard trying his hardest to do his job, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with being overly cautious. However, the fact that Ewing, who has his No. 33 hanging in the rafters for eternity, isn’t known to everyone working there is as pathetic as it gets.

Dolan assumed control of the team from his father Chuck near the end of the millennium, and he has very rarely overseen a winning season. And as evidenced by his confrontation with Charles Oakley, he doesn’t have the best history when it comes to relations with former players. While this incident wasn’t anywhere near as bombastic, it’s still a terrible look.

Even when the Knicks appear to have their ducks in a row for the first time in years, the law of Dolan, which states that the Knicks must meet a quota of comical missteps every month, reared its head and insulted one of the best players in franchise history.