Brooklyn Nets: Latest Andre Drummond rumor is exactly what fans didn’t want to hear

Cavaliers center Andre Drummond (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cavaliers center Andre Drummond (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Despite spectating from the sidelines, the Brooklyn Nets finished as one of the biggest winners of Thursday’s trade deadline, and they potential to add Andre Drummond via a buyout could make them even bigger winners.

Though the Miami Heat got stronger by adding Victor Oladipo without unloading any of their core pieces, the Philadelphia 76ers, who instill more fear in Brooklyn than any other team in the East, struck out big time by missing out on in-demand point guard Kyle Lowry.

By all accounts, that was a massive win for the Nets, as Lowry — a veteran point guard who knows what it takes to win in the playoffs — is the lone piece the 76ers are missing on their current roster. Oddly enough, he ended up staying put north of the border.

Unfortunately, however, the good vibes in Brooklyn didn’t last very long. According to the Yahoo! Sports insider Chris Haynes, Drummond is no longer considering the Nets as a potential destination once he agrees to a buyout with Cleveland.

Andre Drummond has reportedly nixed the Brooklyn Nets as a destination

The term “currently” is interesting and suggests that Drummond could circle back and reconsider signing with Brooklyn. With that being said, however, it still doesn’t bode well for their chances to land him that they didn’t make his list of preferred landing spots.

Per Haynes, the Lakers, Clippers, Celtics, Knicks and Hornets are the only teams Drummond will negotiate with before he makes his final decision.

If any Nets fans grimaced while reading that list, we’re right there alongside you. Speaking just in terms of the Eastern Conference, it would sting watching Drummond sign with another potential playoff team, especially the Celtics.

Boston is currently in disarray, but the addition of Evan Fournier will go a long way towards balancing out the scoring if one of their big three is having an off shooting night. They’re need for a big man is well-documented, and the 6-foot-10, 279-pound Drummond would go a long way towards solving their rebounding and defensive woes in the paint.

While the continued emergence of Nicolas Claxton and signing of Blake Griffin have bolstered the Nets’ frontcourt, we’re not so sure they have anybody capable of slowing down Drummond. After all, DeAndre Jordan is the only one who can match him in size and he essentially picks and chooses went he wants to impact games.

As for the Lakers and Clippers, well, the thought of either one of them landing Drummond is pretty terrifying.

Brooklyn obviously has to take care of business in the East before they can start worrying about how their roster stacks up against the juggernauts out west, but seeing as though these teams are on a crash course for the NBA Finals, this is the absolute last news fans wanted to hear post-deadline.