Brooklyn Nets: Woj’s tweet detailing Kevin Durant’s fine was totally savage

There’s no way to defend Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant for his use of disgusting language in the Twitter DMs that were exposed earlier in the week. It was horrible and deserved punishment.

But when actor Michael Rapaport made this private messages public, he knew exactly what he was doing.

That exchange was months old and he went ahead and decided to snitch on Durant in what feels like a desperate attempt at garnering attention.

Look no further than his childish fallout with Barstool Sports.

In the end, the NBA fined Durant for his threatening, homophobic and misogynistic word choice and it was reported by insider Adrian Wojnarowski on Friday.

And he managed to take a nice little dig at Rapaport when breaking the news, too.

Adrian Wojnarowski “disrespected” Michael Rapoport in his latest Brooklyn Nets update.

“For social exchange with actor.” Everyone knew Rapaport desperately wanted to have the world know he was the one Durant went after. Why else would he do this if the two repeatedly talk trash to one another on social media?

But Woj didn’t give Rapaport what he wanted. He’s just a nameless actor who cost Durant $50,000. That’s it. Enjoy your five minutes of fame.

While everyone certainly would’ve liked a more sincere apology from Durant (in addition to seeing him use social media a lot less), it’s good to see Rapaport getting shoved into the background as all of this comes to a conclusion, because he’s part of the problem too.

See for yourself. Go search Rapaport’s name on Twitter and see what comes up. He’s far from a role model.

The problem with Durant’s words — regardless if they were meant to be private — was that they were incredibly offensive. He threatened Rapaport and, whether you agree or not, his uncomfortable use of language was indeed homophobic and misogynistic. It’s important for a player and icon of his stature to know that such behavior is unacceptable, and putting that kind of stuff in writing on the internet will only come back to put you in hot water, as we’re seeing right now.

Nonetheless, the next best thing that could’ve come out of this was Rapaport getting next to no attention from it after his decision to publicly post everything. We needed at least one win here with this ugly situation, and we got it.