Brooklyn Nets: Remembering Kent Bazemore’s James Harden letter thanks to Bradley Beal fight

Brooklyn Nets star James Harden picked up another victory despite the fact he’s sitting on the sidelines, as one of his most famous conquests in Kent Bazemore, currently on the Golden State Warriors, ended up as NBA Twitter’s antagonist of the night for some comments he made about Bradley Beal.

Steph Curry, Bazemore’s teammate, is currently pulling ahead of Beal in the NBA scoring title race. Bazemore claimed jokingly that Beal, who has missed some time due to a hamstring injury, was pulling his hamstrings in an effort to catch up to Curry.

Beal decided to go scorched earth on Bazemore, rightfully pointing out the fact that the two are nowhere close to the same when it comes to what caliber of player they are. This isn’t the first time Bazemore has taken an L, as Harden made him one of the most mocked players in the game one eventful night a few years back.

Harden’s Houston Rockets took on Bazemore’s Atlanta Hawks, and Harden crossed over Bazemore so badly that he ended up on “Shaqtin’ a Fool.” Bazemore responded by releasing a lengthy Notes app apology and an explanation of exactly how badly Harden destroyed him in front of everyone.

Brooklyn Nets: James Harden embarrassed Kent Bazemore.

Bazemore is averaging 7.0 points per game this year, numbers that are way below his career averages. To paraphrase Drake, bench players are talking like starters, and Bazemore has found himself humiliated once more.

At least Beal opted for trading barbs on Twitter instead of pulling on his Harden mask and making Bazemore’s knees buckle. For a quality wing defender, players like Harden give Bazemore trouble. Ending up on Shaqtin’ is a fate worse than death for some NBA stars, and the former Old Dominion star has had his time as the butt of some jokes.

In his one game against Bazemore and the Warriors this year, Harden scored 19 points while setting what was at the time a personal best with Brooklyn by totaling 16 assists in a 134-117 win without Kevin Durant. This game didn’t produce any bad quotes in the press or highlights that embarrassed Bazemore, but the stat sheet shows that Harden came out on top.

Bazemore has made a bad habit of running into elite talents like Beal and Harden and coming out worse for wear at the end of both encounters. Bazemore might’ve tried to play off the whole thing as “joking” but Harden made him remember what a gap there is in talent between these two players.