Brooklyn Nets: Knicks fans have lost their minds chanting for BK

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 23: New York Knicks fans cheer before Game 1 (Photo by Seth Wenig - Pool/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - MAY 23: New York Knicks fans cheer before Game 1 (Photo by Seth Wenig - Pool/Getty Images) /

The New York Knicks have one of the most interesting teams in the league thanks to Julius Randle and Tom Thibodeau breathing new life into a franchise that was a doormat for most of the last few seasons, but that hasn’t stopped a good chunk of their fanbase from mentioning the Brooklyn Nets in every other sentence.

Be it comparing the sizes of crowds or trying to besmirch the names of the Nets’ trio of superstars, Knicks fans seem to have some weird obsession with Brooklyn despite the fact they are allegedly so secure in their spot atop the New York City sports power rankings that the Nets aren’t a threat.

Knicks fans came out in full force to support their team Wednesday night when they took down Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks in order to even up their playoff series at 1-1 thanks to a virtuoso performance on the defensive end.

Naturally, the celebrations in the street around Madison Square Garden centered around the Knicks’ victory…right?

Nope! Knicks fans took to the streets to chant “We Want Brooklyn!” in order to taunt their local rivals.

Both the Knicks and Nets, a team that is currently up 2-0 in their series against the Boston Celtics, need to win a few more tough playoff games before they can make this fantasy matchup into reality.

Knicks fans really want to take on the Brooklyn Nets. Uh…nope.

The Knicks have one of the best defenses in the league, but they have struggled to slow down a Brooklyn offense that can allow any one of their superstars to carry the load. Is that really something that you want to face? How many Durant mid-range pullups will you need to see to change your mind?

The Nets have the second-best offense and third-best 3-point percentage in the league, and even the likes of Joe Harris and Blake Griffin have shown they can be effective scorers in the postseason for the Nets. If you are advocating for this matchup in the playoffs, be my guest.

Knicks fans can’t act like their series with the Hawks is done and dusted. Young and one of the best offenses in the league will be able to head back home to Atlanta and regroup as they try to crack the code on New York’s defense. If Young gets hot again, the Hawks could easily win a very even series.

What will happen if the Knicks beat Atlanta? Just the Philadelphia 76ers, who have one of the league’s best in Joel Embiid, a 6-11 point guard in Ben Simmons, and Doc Rivers on the sideline, showing up. If you can pull off one of the most insane upsets in recent playoff history, THEN you can face the Nets, should they take down Milwaukee or Miami in the next round.

We get it, Knicks fans. Your team was awful for the better part of a decade, and you’re delirious that your squad has had some playoff success. Nets fans are going through the same thing right now. It can be hard to keep your feet on the ground, especially when a team that was terrible for years finally starts to hit its stride.

However, maybe worry about the Hawks and what will likely be a matchup against the loaded 76ers in the next round before you start asking for the Nets. Just enjoy your fun team without constantly trying to compare them to the crosstown rivals.

If you keep messing with the bull, eventually you will get the horns, and the Nets are playing so well lately that they don’t look like a team the Knicks should be trifling with.