Nets: Will Adam Silver’s comments on Kyrie Irving change BK star’s mind?

Kyrie Irving (Photo by Steven Ryan /Getty Images)
Kyrie Irving (Photo by Steven Ryan /Getty Images) /

The latest opinion on the Kyrie Irving situation surrounding the Brooklyn Nets came from the NBA commissioner himself.

With their season tipping off in Milwaukee on Tuesday night, the absence of one of their superstars is likely to be the first of many (or maybe all) games he’ll miss this season.

While I’m of the belief that the rest of the team should be fine chemistry-wise with Irving away from the team, there’s no doubt the players would much rather have their point guard available for another championship bid. Expectedly, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver feels the same way.

In his annual press conference, Silver echoed what many within the Nets organization have been saying for weeks.

"“I’d love to see the Brooklyn Nets have their full complement of players on the floor,” said Silver."

Even though Irving has repeatedly made it clear he’s not ready to take the vaccine, Silver expressed hope that he’d change his mind.

"“I hope Kyrie ultimately decides to get vaccinated because I’d love to see him play basketball this season,” he continued."

Although other NBA talent is refusing to get vaccinated, none of them will be affected as much as Irving will, since only New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have implemented vaccination mandates so far. Because of that, he’ll be unable to join the team until fully vaccinated.

Will Adam Silver’s thoughts help change Nets star Kyrie Irving’s mind?

I think it’s pretty clear by now that Kyrie Irving is going to do what Kyrie Irving wants to do. If pleas from James Harden and Kevin Durant, both of whom he played a crucial part in recruiting him, aren’t enough, there’s no reason to think Silver will affect his thought process.

If anything, it’s more likely Kyrie’s tendency to want to be a contrarian against the system might be triggered more than his want to satisfy the wants of a commissioner.

If Irving decides to make a return to the court by getting vaccinated, it will likely come with some nebulous explanation or reasoning based on self-conducted research and not the opinions of others.

In any event, the Nets have already begun conducting business as if they’ll be short their third star, and they have still certainly have enough talent to be title contenders without him.

Beginning Tuesday at 7:30 pm ET against the defending champion Bucks, they’ll have to prove it on the court.