Nets’ slow start increases pressure on Sean Marks to make trade

(Photo by Matteo Marchi/Getty Images)
(Photo by Matteo Marchi/Getty Images) /

28-2. Yes, that was an actual score in the first quarter of an NBA game after seven minutes of play. Who cares if the Brooklyn Nets are without their Big Three? Brooklyn’s start was absolutely unacceptable.

The Nets have lost eight straight games and the Celtics have won five straight but even that lopsided of a start wasn’t expected. We’ve said before that Brooklyn can’t catch a break, however there are some things that are within the team’s control.

The Nets like to dig themselves in a hole but there’s no Kevin Durant to swoop in and take over the game in the fourth quarter. Unless New York City reverses its vaccine mandate and Irving remains unvaccinated, he’ll continue to be ineligible to play in games at Barclays Center. After Thursday, there may be no more James Harden.

What do you think that Sean Marks is thinking right about now after watching Brooklyn’s play in the first half against Boston? Hopefully, the gears are turning in his head on a trade that’ll benefit the Nets.

Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks needs to make a trade ahead of the deadline.

When healthy, the Nets are the best team in the league. Hands down. That’s the thing though, Brooklyn can’t stay healthy. The playoffs start in a little over two months and while that may seem a ways off, mid-April will be here in the blink of an eye.

Without Durant, Irving, Harden, LaMarcus Aldridge, Nic Claxton, and Joe Harris, the Nets are a completely different team. That’s understandable but their lack of scoring options in the first half against the Celtics was put on full display.

Boston holds the 69-43 lead at halftime. That’s Brooklyn’s largest deficit at the half this season and it was because the team’s starters combined for 10 total points. Yikes.

We hope that Marks isn’t spending too much time negotiating with Daryl Morey about a potential Sixers-Harden trade. The Nets’ best shot at a title involves Harden and what he decides to do during the offseason is his business.

Even if Harden isn’t traded, Brooklyn still needs at least one more scorer. And a backup point guard that’s vaccinated. A 3-and-D wing would be a nice addition to the roster. There’s plenty that Marks can do between now and Thursday.

And given how the Nets have performed so far against the Celtics in a nationally broadcast game, Marks needs to be on even higher alert. Time is ticking.