5 players who could be first time All-Stars this season

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Every NBA team has played less than 10 games, but it’s never too early to start discussing the candidates for the All-Star game. Former Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were voted as starters for the Eastern Conference All-Star team in 2023. They are both playing in the Western Conference, leaving at least two spots on the roster and the potential for newcomers to get the All-Star nod.

One candidate is current Brooklyn Net, Cam Thomas. Many people would’ve pegged Mikal Bridges as a shoo-in to travel to Indianapolis and represent Brooklyn, but Thomas has set the league on fire to start the season. He just dropped 45 points on the Milwaukee Bucks in a close loss, but who else does he have to go through to try and grab those spots?

5. Cade Cunningham

Cunningham missed almost his entire sophomore year due to a season-ending injury. In 12 games last year, he averaged 19 points, six assists, and six rebounds. It looked like he would leap last season before getting hurt, but this is now the season where it seems like that leap will happen.

To start the season, Cunningham is averaging 22 points and seven assists. Cade is ranked 22nd in the league in scoring and 12th in assists. His field goal percentages are the same as his past two seasons, but his three percentages have seen a tiny spike. He is also taking and making more threes. His scoring input should continue on this upward path since he is who the Detroit Pistons are building their franchise around.

His team’s record would be the only factor holding him back from the All-Star game. Sitting at 2-6, the Pistons have been much more exciting, but they haven’t produced wins. Winning games doesn’t hold as much weight for all-star voting as it does for the MVP award, and with coaches picking the reserves, there’s a strong chance Detroit gets their first All-Star since Blake Griffin in 2019.