3 playmakers Nets must trade for ahead of the February 8 deadline

Chicago Bulls v Brooklyn Nets
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2. Zach LaVine

One of the more popular players linked to the Nets during this year's trade season, it makes a ton of sense why Zach LaVine would be seen as an intriguing option for this team to pursue ahead of February 8.

Along with the fact that they could use for an individual who can make plays for others, as their recent stretch of games has indicated (particularly their latest loss to the Portland Trail Blazers) they also need someone other than Mikal Bridges who can make plays for themselves.

LaVine has oft been tabbed as a player who could fill this need for Brooklyn, with Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report even going as far as to say in a recently discussed trade piece that the 28-year-old would become "the primary scoring option in Brooklyn, not to mention one of its top shot-creators and three-point threats."

On top of being an electrifying finisher at the rim and one of the most athletic players in the game today, LaVine is a highly efficient long-range shooter who boasts a career three-point percentage of 38.2 percent along with 20.5 points, 4.0 rebounds, and 3.9 assists per game.

While he wouldn't provide that much-needed floor general mentality for the Nets, the combo guard's addition would create one of the more menacing one-two scoring punches in the entire conference with him and Bridges and would finally give them a de facto go-to option down the stretch during close games.