2 pros to Nets trading for Dejounte Murray, 2 cons

Nets nation is torn on the idea of Brooklyn acquiring former All-Star Dejounte Murray, with both sides having convincing points.
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Con No. 1) The Nets would likely have to give up draft capital (again)

As per recent reports, Sean Marks would be expected to trade multiple picks to get Murray. For many Nets fans, this is a no-go.

As one may recall, they've been through this before.

In 2013 the Nets gave up three unprotected first-round picks and a pick swap for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. When that experiment failed they entered NBA purgatory, with no picks coupled with no talent to win on top of that.

In 2021 Brooklyn traded for former MVP James Harden, giving up three first-round picks and pick swaps to Houston. Unfortunately, that, too, did not bring any more success than a second-round appearance in the playoffs.

Obviously, Brooklyn wouldn't have to give up anything of that magnitude for Murray, however, once the team traded their All-NBA trio of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Harden, they got a total of seven first-round picks.

Why would you now go out and trade all the capital you just built up?

Sure, the franchise doesn't have a pick in the 2024 draft, and they don't use their own first-round pick in a draft until 2028, but what good does it get you to trade these picks for a fringe All-Star?

The Nets would once again stay directionless because they aren't moving into the top-six with Murray, but they won't be bad enough to have a high draft pick they don't even own.