Uncovering Brooklyn: Are the Nets ready for a deep playoff run?

Mikal Bridges consulting with Head Coach Jacque Vaughn
Mikal Bridges consulting with Head Coach Jacque Vaughn / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

With the Brooklyn Nets still aiming at a spot for playoff contention, it seems that fans are fighting even harder to keep their faith in this struggling and highly inexperienced team.

With no true franchise player, are the Nets really built for a deep playoff run?

Brooklyn currently sits in the 11th spot in the East and is holding onto fourth in the Atlantic Division. However, with a roster composed of young talent and role players assuming a franchise player-like role, the cards are beginning to unfold the truth as the Nets struggle to keep a playoff bid in their sights.

It is simply not realistic in any shape or form to see Brooklyn winning any playoff series this season.

Statistically speaking, Brooklyn's go-to scorers are Cam Thomas and Mikal Bridges. Bridges currently leads the club with 21.9 points per game followed by Thomas with 21.1.

Trailing both of them is 3-and-D player, Cam Johnson with 13.9 points per game.

The Brooklyn Nets currently lack a true go-to cornerstone

With the modern-day NBA thriving on a highly driven offensive playstyle, these numbers are below average for two players to be referenced as "leaders". When pondering on phrases like "go-to players," names that come to mind are Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokic, Jayson Tatum, Donovan Mitchell, and many more of this ilk.

All of the names mentioned above have one thing in common: they average a minimum of 25 points per night or more. These are clutch players who demand the ball when in crunch time, and, more often than not, end up carrying their team offensively to victory.

Can you see Cam Thomas and Mikal Bridges doing that? The Nets do not have any veterans with accolades that can jumpstart this organization to the spot it needs to be in. It would make more sense if they had veterans who were mentoring Thomas and Bridges, but there isn't.

What could the Nets do moving forward?

Now, having a guy like Ben Simmons returning to action doesn't simplify this dilemma.

The simple solution to this collage of problems is to trade young prospects for veterans in the backcourt. The Nets have the possibility of leveraging their younger talent on a team that is looking toward the future and wants to rebuild.

A few solid options for Brooklyn could be Harrison Barnes, Eric Gordon, Derrick Rose, or even recruiting John Wall out of free agency.

All of these players have ample experience in crunch-time situations and could be a massive asset to this struggling Nets roster.

The February All-Star break is just around the corner and Brooklyn has time to get things in order in preparation to make moves during the coming offseason. The question now becomes, will they opt to make any significant shakeups?