2 reasons why Nets should be buyers at trade deadline, 2 why they should sell

The Nets are stuck in the middle of nowhere...what should they do?
Jan 7, 2024; Brooklyn, New York, USA; Brooklyn Nets forward Mikal Bridges (1) talks to forward
Jan 7, 2024; Brooklyn, New York, USA; Brooklyn Nets forward Mikal Bridges (1) talks to forward / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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The Brooklyn Nets are sitting in the grey zone, a position no team wants to be in. They aren't bad enough to tank, however, they aren't good enough to get out of the first round or, heck, possibly even the Play-In Tournament.

They have clear holes that we at NBN have detailed ad nauseam throughout the season thus far, but is it even worth it to go all in with this roster?

Today, we give reasons for both sides of the argument, and you, the reader, can pretend to be Sean Marks in this scenario.

Should the Nets buy or sell this trade deadline? Let's discuss!

Reason to be buyers No. 1) Playoff experience

The Nets are tied for the eighth youngest squad in the NBA this season with an average age of 25.1. Getting some more playoff experience, even in another first-round exit, would be extremely valuable to this youth-filled Nets team.

Yes, the players they received in the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving deals have some experience, including Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson who reached the NBA Finals in 2021 with the Suns. However, that was on a Suns team that was firing on all cylinders and had a bonafide superstar in Devin Booker leading the charge.

They need to continue to build upon their playoff resume, along with all of the other unproven playoff performers on this roster.

If they can trade for a veteran who possesses postseason experience, perhaps he would be able to provide a strong voice to a locker room that is in desperate need of one. A gentle boost of morale that could go a long way in shifting the Nets' hopes.

This would be a wise reason for Sean Marks to make a trade because he wouldn't necessarily be looking just to fix the product on the court, but also the culture of the squad, à la 2018.