2 teams that could look to trade for Nets star Mikal Bridges by Feb 8 deadline

Cleveland Cavaliers v Brooklyn Nets
Cleveland Cavaliers v Brooklyn Nets / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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The Brooklyn Nets are in quite a rough spot as we approach the halfway mark of the 2023-24 season what with the fact that they boast a lowly 16-24 record, have lost nine of their last ten matchups, and, with their latest loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, have fallen to the 11 seed in the Eastern Conference standings and, thus, out of the Play-In Tournament picture.

As a result of these hard times, many fans and media pundits have become rather vocal about their belief that the ball club should now simply look to punt on the remainder of the campaign and start preparing for next year, with trade season being viewed as an ideal time to get the ball rolling.

Though current reports state that the Nets are looking to be buyers over these several weeks leading up to the February 8 deadline, in the event that they do opt to clean house there are a plethora of talents on their roster that would be of interest to rival shoppers across the league, with easily the most appealing of the bunch being Mikal Bridges.

Teams could look to contact Nets about a Mikal Bridges trade

Acquired via the mid-season blockbuster trade that sent Kevin Durant to the Phoenix Suns last year, since his arrival to the borough Bridges has been viewed by the organization as their centerpiece of the future, and their objective has publicly been stated to be to build a competent team around him.

And while this is an agenda that is likely understood across the league, considering their poor play to this point there's a strong chance that opposing ball clubs will be inquiring about his availability between now and next month's cut-off.

While the odds of Brooklyn actually trading their 27-year-old stud are as close to zero as they can get, this may not stop rival front offices from dialing up Sean Marks and company about a hypothetical trade, and there are a few, in particular, that seem to be the most likely to do so.