Brooklyn Nets should consider Channing Frye salary dump

CLEVELAND, OH - MAY 1: Channing Frye
CLEVELAND, OH - MAY 1: Channing Frye /
CLEVELAND, OH – MAY 1: Channing Frye
CLEVELAND, OH – MAY 1: Channing Frye /

The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to trade Kyrie Irving away. That could lead to the team shedding contracts like Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye. The Brooklyn Nets should pursue scenarios where the team can land Frye.

The Brooklyn Nets have had quite the offseason. Sean Marks has used the Nets’ cap space to acquire players in salary dumps. The team has added D’Angelo Russell, Timofey Mozgov, DeMarre Carroll and just yesterday landed Allen Crabbe yesterday for the undesired uncontract of Andrew Nicholson.

As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Marks is capitalizing on other team’s “trash,” but the players he is acquiring are anything but.

Russell will be the team’s franchise point guard. Mozgov figures to be the starting center. Carroll and Crabbe could conceivably slot in at the forward spots. The Nets have acquired useful players while also netting draft picks to replenish its draft stock.

Marks has been making the most of the situation he was given. The current iteration of the team possesses NBA-level talent who can make a push for the playoffs. That is a far cry from where the team was just one year ago.

The team isn’t done though. Brooklyn may be looking for a floor spacing big man to complement Mozgov, Trevor Booker and Jarrett Allen, who aren’t known for their 3-point shooting abilities.

If the opportunity presents itself, the Brooklyn Nets should try to land Channing Frye from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Frye isn’t a splashy acquisition like Crabbe or Russell but he can contribute to a team in need of shooting. The Nets actually qualify as such a team. Despite the fact that the Nets offense is predicated on 3-point shooting, the team actually ranked 25th in 3-point efficiency.

Frye shot 41 percent from the field last season. It isn’t a stretch to see Frye replicating those numbers with a Nets offense that will move the ball more than the Cavaliers, who often ball-watched as Kyrie Irving played isolation ball.

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The Nets could get involved in the Irving trade talks if it involves multiple teams and Cleveland needs to offload salary. If the Nets had to give anyone up, Joe Harris and Sean Kilpatrick could be used to entice Cleveland or a different team. That would clear their logjam in their backcourt.

If the Nets aren’t done dealing, Frye would be an ideal target. As a champion, he can impart knowledge upon the Nets young players who haven’t yet experienced success. His contract is also for just one year and $8 million, which is hardly a burden on the Nets’ cap situation.

On and off the court, Frye is a fit in Brooklyn. If Marks wants a floor-spacing big, who is to say he won’t acquire one, in addition to more assets?