Kyrie Irving: Sorting Out the Nets Group Chat Drama

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

Kyrie Irving may or may not have suggested the Nets start their own NBA in a Nets group chat.

Kyrie Irving possesses a remarkable duality. The game flows through him — he’s certainly a vessel for the talents of the past, and next-level NBA stardom seems natural when the ball leaves his hands. He’s always thinking about his legacy. He wants to embody Kobe Bryant — and famously did, dropping 54 points on the day of the first Lakers game back after the Mamba’s death. On the other hand, I can 100% believe that he was kicked out of a Nets group chat for suggesting the team leave the NBA.

Per a report from Stefan Bondy, Irving reportedly proposed creating a “new league” to oppose the NBA’s efforts, following his complaints about how the bubble will repress the fight for social justice.

Shortly thereafter, the opposition to Bondy’s conjecture came out. Taylor Rooks noted Irving’s flat denial of the accusations, and it was asserted that Irving left the Nets group chat over this issue, upset with whichever player leaked his earlier ambitions.

The Nets group chat seems like a wild place and an open forum for Kyrie Irving.

Based on the way Kyrie generally talks, I’m betting this…isn’t the Nets’ only group chat, if you know what I’m saying. Everyone needs a place to escape that one friend who talks like Kyrie, and reaches out at 3:00 am to say stuff like, “Stubbed my toe like three hours ago and it still hurts. Is this the beginning of the end? Are they watching and sucking my life force out? PS Bing Cherries = 🔥”.

But, on the other hand, his teammate galvanized and came to his defense in the wake of this strange mess. Theo Pinson and Chris Chiozza were among those to claim falsities.

Look, we’ve all said things in private group texts to our friends, in a moment of anguish, that we didn’t really mean. How many times have you vented that you “needed to quit your job ASAP” regarding your still-very-un-quit job?

It seems likely that Irving has been absolutely popping off in the Nets’ WhatsApp recently, stuck at home and feeling feckless. He certainly doesn’t think the NBA has the best intentions with their resumption of the season, and he’s fine to think that. After all, nothing is stranger than a luxury isolation at Disney World that seems like a charade to make sure LeBron James has a fair shake at adding another title to his legacy. Imagine if you were on a bottom-feeding playoff seed? You’d want out.

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Stefan Bondy might want to double check his source, though. If your informant is willing to flip that easily just to share offhanded remarks, I’m not sure if that’s someone who can be trusted.