Nets: We don’t believe Kevin Durant’s take on the Steve Nash hire

Nets star Kevin Durant says he didn’t pick Steve Nash to be the team’s new head coach, and we don’t believe him.

In the wake of the Brooklyn Nets’ decision to fire former head coach Kenny Atkinson, it was widely reported that the likes of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would have significant input in the subsequent long-term appointment. Those rumors were only amplified when Brooklyn’s underdog bubble run came to an end in the first round of the playoffs.

When the dust settled, unknown coaching commodity Steve Nash was given the nod, and, considering his relationship with and fondness of Brooklyn’s superstar duo, it’s reasonable to assume that both players approved of the decision before it was made official.

However, during an appearance on the Joe Budden podcast this week, Durant strangely stressed that he didn’t push general manager Sean Marks to nab Nash as the team’s new head coach. And you know what? We aren’t buying it.

“First of all, I didn’t pick the Nets coach,” said Durant. “We’ve got people in place that do that. I just supported it: Me and Kyrie, we’re always on the same page. He’s just a hooper. It doesn’t matter.”

We’re not saying the two-time Finals MVP didn’t approve of Nash when his name was floated around during the hiring process. However, it’s pretty clear that he’s trying to twist the narrative so it doesn’t look like him and Irving have THAT much pull in terms of front office decision-making.

For starters, Durant holds a long-standing and strong relationship with Nash, who worked as a player consultant for the Golden State Warriors while he was still a member of the franchise. The two have also worked out together numerous times in the past and played against each other for six seasons before Nash retired in 2014.

The Hall of Fame point guard also tabbed Durant as one of the greatest players of all time during his introductory press conference. With all due respect to the four-time scoring champ, he would never pick a coach who didn’t think highly of him and Nash evidently does — so much so, in fact, that he’s reportedly willing to play him at all five positions next season.

Just so we’re clear: Durant wants us to believe that he didn’t “pick” a coach who (rightfully) plans on getting the most out of what’s left of his potential by creating mismatches for him at all levels of the defense?

Admirable effort, KD, but you aren’t fooling us.