Brooklyn Nets: Did Kevin Durant get exposed on Twitter again?

Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets speaks (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)
Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets speaks (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images) /

It’s become increasingly obvious over the years that Kevin Durant doesn’t back down from anybody on social media. Regardless of whether that person is a respected media figure or a random hater hiding behind a fake profile, the Brooklyn Nets star will engage with anyone.

Like anything, flaunting that kind of candor comes with its positives and negatives. An example of the former transpired when he called out “Undisputed” co-host Shannon Sharpe for lying on national television last week, which NBA Twitter predictably soaked up in all its glory.

An example of the latter, however, came when disturbing direct messages he sent to actor Michael Rapaport were unearthed. That resulted in a $50,000 fine for KD.

Unfortunately for Durant, it would appear that he’s gotten mixed up in another alleged social media scandal, for lack of a better term. What makes this circumstance even worse worse for the former MVP is that it entails something he caught flak for early in his career: using burner accounts.

In a tweet published on Wednesday morning that has since gone viral, Durant appeared to be caught liking a post that slandered his former Warriors teammate Steph Curry, who just so happens to be enjoying the most prolific scoring stretch of his esteemed career.

Is Nets star Kevin Durant really using a burner account on Twitter?

It’s worth noting that Durant swiftly unliked the tweet, indicating that it might have been an honest mistake. Given his past, however, we also wouldn’t put it past him to be this engulfed in the depths of NBA Twitter and forgetting to log out of his account and into one of his alleged burners.

After all, Durant’s decision to join the Warriors back in 2016 was one of the most panned free agent moves in the history of the league. It took the four-time scoring champ over two years to win back the respect of fans when he played through an injury during the 2019 Finals.

Justifiable or not, Durant has also taken some heat for signing with the Nets and subsequently forming another super-team with Kyrie Irving and James Harden. Fans will point to a tweet from earlier in his career when he was vehemently against superstars teaming up to pursue a title.

We’re not going to say for sure that Durant was caught in the act of failing to log into his burner account here, but we’re also not going to deny it, either. Whatever side of the story is true, he probably owes Curry an apology because he was just as vital to Golden State’s dynasty.