Brooklyn Nets: ESPN’s Bobby Marks predicts Kyrie Irving’s fate

Kyrie Irving (Photo by Steven Ryan /Getty Images)
Kyrie Irving (Photo by Steven Ryan /Getty Images) /

At least one well-established NBA insider has a strong opinion about Kyrie Irving‘s future with the Brooklyn Nets.

Since the club announced last week that joining them on a part-time basis wouldn’t be an option, there’s been plenty of drama surrounding what’s going to happen with their superstar.

After Kyrie’s passionate yet confusing Instagram speech on Wednesday, it doesn’t appear that he’s ready to get vaccinated any time soon, meaning he’d be forfeiting what could turn out to be around $200 million when factoring in a potential extension.

Still, given how unpredictable he is, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to find out he’s suddenly pulled a 180.

ESPN’s NBA front office insider Bobby Marks had some brief thoughts following the latest Irving news, which he shared to his Instagram on Friday.

"“He’s got the right to do whatever. But after watching Kyrie on Instagram, my feeling is that he will never play for the Nets again,” said Marks. “The game where he sprained his ankle was the last time you saw him in a Nets uniform."

For Irving to see any court time with the Nets this season, either he’ll have to get vaccinated or the law in New York will have to change. Marks sees both options as unlikely.

It’s tough to make the call of which of those two has a better chance to happen. There are already strange exceptions to government vaccination rules being made for NBA players, such as the “National Interest Exemption” that’s allowing unvaccinated players to travel to Toronto to play against the Raptors.

Then again, Kyrie has flip-flopped on things before, most notably when he apologized for his previous belief that the Earth was flat. At this point, any decision he makes wouldn’t surprise us. Bobby Marks, however, remains unconvinced.

“I don’t believe we’ll see him in a month from now, or six months from now,” he said. “I believe the time for Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn is over.”