5 Nets who could benefit from firing of Jacque Vaughn

Jacque Vaughn was fired by the Nets on Monday. Which members of the club will benefit as a result?

Mikal Bridges, Ben Simmons, Others who could benefit with Jacque Vaughn out as Nets' head coach
Mikal Bridges, Ben Simmons, Others who could benefit with Jacque Vaughn out as Nets' head coach / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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 Cam Thomas

Cam Thomas showed plenty of promise in his first two seasons in the National Basketball Association. That said, not many could truthfully say they were expecting him to average nearly 11 more points now in year three than he did just a season ago.

The 22-year-old missed nine games earlier in the season because of a sprained ankle, an injury he picked up during the club's November 8 meeting with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Without question, that injury derailed any momentum he had built up to that point in the year but his lack of a consistent role hasn't done him any favors, either. As a whole, Thomas has appeared in 45 games for Brooklyn this season and has consistently seen his usage fluctuate throughout.

It seemed as if Vaughn could never fully commit to a consistent rotation or starting lineup, and Thomas may be the guy who was impacted the most by this indecision. Hopefully, Ollie can find a stable role for him while also tweaking some of his drawbacks in the process, with shot selection being a big area that needs to be addressed.

In many ways, there's an argument to be made that Thomas could be the biggest beneficiary of this new coaching regime in Brooklyn.

Ben Simmons

At just 27 years old, Ben Simmons is still young. Along with this, he’s already compiled a lengthy list of accomplishments, including multiple All-Star Game appearances, an All-NBA nod, and two NBA All-Defensive First-Team selections.

Of course, he still has plenty to work on, specifically when it comes to his lack of confidence on the scoring end of the game and his disastrous free-throw shooting. His health, or inability to remain healthy, is also a significant concern.

Conversely, there’s no denying Simmons makes a difference for this Nets team whenever he is on the floor, considering he is a capable rebounder, a prolific defender, and one of the best passers anyone will ever see.

In truth, Simmons doesn’t want to be the focal point of any offense, something Vaughn had been pushing for toward the end of his reign in Brooklyn.

With Vaughn now gone, the point guard can hopefully return to playing a supporting role instead of carrying the weight of an offense on his shoulders, which could do wonders for his production moving forward.